About eladaus

Put simply, we believe in the power of simplicity.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci

When we set out to solve a problem our focus is, and will always be, to achieve the best result possible in the simpliest, most efficient and elegant way. Simple, effective tools make happier, more productive users, and that productivity flows through to produce more profitable business outcomes.

We would rather create a product that does one thing -- and does it to perfection, for maximum customer satisfaction -- than build overly complicated Swiss army-knife-software that tries to be all things to all people. So athough we apply the latest techniques and technologies to solve your needs, we work consistently to identify your goals and ensure the result is clear, simple, and effective.

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Products & Services

integraatio logo - Nordic software and data integrations platform Link your IT systems, aggregate your data, eliminate manual data entry, enhance your efficiency, and gain new insights into your business operations and profitability, with Integraatio.

Integraatio is our data integration package for small-to-medium businesses, with special emphasis on providing connections between popular business software used in the Nordics. Built on a rock-solid industry standard platform, and customised to connect popular accounting and business management software such as Procountor, Autotask, and many more.
RapidDDQ - due diligence questionnaire response automation tool If you're spending countless hours and effort and money on responding to due diligence and request-for-proposal questionnaires, then talk to us about RapidDDQ.

RapidDDQ streamlines the response process and eliminates repetitive tasks. It allows you to cut down the time to complete a DDQ/RFP, without sacrificing on quality.

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